In-application window switching in Mac OS X and its keyboard shortcut

Every time I get a new Mac and decide not to reuse my old home directory I have to recreate one of my most frequently used keyboard shortcuts – the one used to switch between windows in an application. The default Cmd + ` doesn't work well with Swedish keyboard layout so I've mapped it to Cmd + §. Here's how.

In-application window switching is extremely time-saving and convenient. Problem is the default mapping doesn't work with Swedish keyboard. I choose to use English on my Mac, and maybe that's why the region setting doesn't really get it entirely right. Well, either way it's quite painless to fix. Open "System Preferences..." click on "Keyboard" and the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab. Then make sure the setting is as above. You need to double-click the shortcut (right column) and press the key combination you want.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 11:53

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