Why “coding” limits our understanding of what programming is all about

I have firm opinions. One of them is that I believe that language is powerful and should be respected. Why I don’t like pop words used carelessly. As a student of linguistics, I understand their role. Language serves many purposes. One of them being to communicate your identity. So it has been and so it will likely always be.

Uncharted 4 – the most rewarding game adventure of 2016

I’ve been a fan of the Uncharted series of games for Playstation 3 and 4 ever since I first bought a PS3 in 2010. Soon after I had bought the console, I managed to pick up Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune as a bargain. The game wasn’t new then but it was one the “classics.” I’d heard it was good but little did I know I’d find a franchise I’d love.

What is the best UX design program (master's or certificate)?

These are my two cents, from someone who holds a bachelor in media technology and has studied cognitive science and UX. Those studies and my later career (co-founding a high growth digital agency) and the experience that brought me has strengthened my view that UX has little to do with technology. You can be a master JavaScript dev but have no clue about how the human psyche is wired or what makes a design intuitive or obvious in its use. UX finds its roots in human endeavors that predate semiconductors by millennia.

Why we won’t become more innovative by teaching more science, technology, math and engineering (STEM)

An argument that’s being heard more and more states that innovation of the kind that creates wealth and adds to the GDP comes in the form of technology. Because of that, they argue we shouldn’t waste resources on teaching kids about topics like arts, literature, history or human behavior. We should teach as much science (natural), technology, engineering and math as we possibly can. These are the only skills that the industry and the economy benefits from, the argument goes.

The true cost of poor customer service

This case began when I made a book order online. I buy a lot of books as I love learning through reading. Leading a busy life, I didn’t track the exact shipping time and the exact shipping date. But after a week or so, I did get an SMS and an email stating that I had a package waiting to be picked up. They did not however state by when I had to get it. So I managed to eventually get the time to go pick it up. It turns out that the package had been sent back the very same day.

The future belongs to identities, not identifiers

Technology has a way of inveigling itself into our daily lives by offering bits and piece of convenience. Despite its rapid development, technology has gained a remarkably great degree of acceptance. It has become something we are so accustomed to we almost never question the terms and conditions it puts on our coexistence. Because technology always works and plays by rules and we’re more often slaves to those rules rather than their masters.


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