Why writers want to learn regular expressions

Simply put, a regular expression offers a very powerful way to search (and also replace) text and makes the computer do work you’d otherwise have to spend hours doing.

These days regular expressions are supported by most self-respecting text editor software. Unfortunately, many people turn back at the sight of them. They look far more daunting than they actually are. Which is unfortunate as they’re useful for more people than just programmers. Anyone who writes regularly will benefit from understanding how to use them.

How to set a lock screen message on your Mac

The lock screen is what is shown when you’re logged out of your Mac OS user account. By displaying your contact details here, you make it easier for someone who finds your computer to return it to you.

For this to be effective, I recommend you set your Mac to log you out after a while or when the screen saver is activated, whichever is first. Also, develop the habit of logging out when you leave the computer.

A five minute introduction to effective JavaScript with jQuery

If you’ve been building websites for as long as me, then you remember the not so glorious early days of JavaScript. Brainchild of Netscape, and first known was LiveScript, JavaScript was a bit of a curiosity with seemingly limited use.

Its early application was mostly mouseovers – images changing when you put your mouse cursor over them. Eventually someone invented popups and the Internet was hit by the second wave of digital pollution, spam being the first.

Artificial Intelligence or The Redefinition of Being Human


This paper attempts to cover and discuss a few of the social and ethical implications of artificial intelligence from a humanist point of view considering AI and its impact on humanity and our definition of ourselves as human beings.


Artificial intelligence, or the concept of non-human minds, has always been a source of dreams of the future for me. Not the actual makings of it, but the ramifications and implications of the creation and possible future existence of a mind that owes its existence to us.

The importance of acting on opportunities to make your customers smile

The gratifying experience of helping others

When in Austria I was surprised at the lack of customer service in restaurants. When I asked Austrians about it, I was told that waiting tables was considered a "lowly" job, not much better than being a cleaner. I was surprised by this attitude as I consider the opportunity to help someone to be highly gratifying and prestigious.

Keeping your hands warm and your phone connected on the ski slopes

My head is big. This means most hats don't fit. And adding my long hair, you need to add a size or two to that. Which is why few of the ski helmets with built-in headphones fit me, not to mention comfortably. And considering what you need to pay extra for that feature, I figured I better buy a helmet that fits my head and then modify it. Which is what I did some years back. Using some duct tape, thread and a set €15/$20 head phones I had a helmet that allowed me to listen to music on my iPod while in the ski lift.

Calling for social contracts for the web

My experiences with services that have posted things to my FB timeline without prior permission make me very reluctant to trust any service that asks for Facebook integration. Luckily no app has ever posted personal sensitive information but several have polluted the timeline with information I don't want there. Irrelevant stuff like that time Slideshare posted about me downloading my own presentations as PDF. Or when I followed a question on Quora. Permissions I would never have given had I been asked by the websites in question.


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