Predictions of technology that will change our lives

Phones and AR

It wasn't long ago phones were used for making calls. Today they are the command center of our digital lives. They notify us about contact requests, they help us remember appointments and contact details, store our videos and photos and help us separate what's interesting from what isn't.

This trend will not abate, instead it will only accelerate. As the physical becomes more and more entangled with the digital, phones will provide even more information and be more and more essential to the average person's lifestyle.

DrupalCamp Stockholm or, wow, what a camp!

DrupalCamp Stockholm has come a long way since May in 2009 when the first camp took place. Back then it was organized by NodeOne under my direction. I'm an idea-driven person and having been to DrupalCons in Barcelona and Szeged, the idea of a camp stuck with me and I was sure that Stockholm needed its own camp. I eventually managed to convince the other owners of the company of the value in creating an event like this. It would create visibility for Drupal, it would give energy to our growing ecosystem of buyers and web shops and would be an arena to learn and exchange ideas.

DrupalCon Portland Sessions

Sessions are selected based on several factors, one of them being community interest. A great way to communicate community interest is to post a comment on the session's page on the DrupalCon site stating why you'd like to see this session being selected. Follows are summaries of sessions and links to the respective session pages.

So without further ado:


This story, sometimes also refered to as a Taoist story, has helped me put things in perspective at times when it's been difficult to look ahead and the present has been overwhelming.

Once upon the time there was an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically.

“Maybe,” the farmer replied.

The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed.

Is the rumored iPad Mini the first step on Apple's road to irrelevancy?

Many have discussed what Jobs's genius lay in. He was known for his outbursts and erratic behavior. But, his personality aside, he seemed to possess a skill to know what people needed before they knew it themselves. He understood how great design (or art has he liked to call it) and technology could be combined to create wonderful new gadgets have now touched the lives of almost everyone who can afford them.

I am confused – why did it take ten years to compete with file sharing?

Some ten years ago I watched a video clip from the an event or conference organized by, the company that got sued to smithereens by the big record companies for its "locker" service – what Apple "reinvented" as iTunes Match ten years later.'s founder Michael Robertson was speaking and I recall him saying something that rang so true it stuck in my mind.

Post NodeOne and the road ahead

For me, founding and building a business have always and fundamentally been about freedom and self-realization. In effect, owning a business allows you to do and try things you otherwise wouldn't be able to. It lets you crack your head against the proverbial wall of reality and try to make a dent in the universe. It lets you rev your engine to the max and push for something with full force joined by a team of likeminded. To me this is the key to feeling happy and knowing that I am contributing in a meaningful way. The price for that freedom is massive commitment and sometimes risk.

Road warrior tools: portable 3G/WiFi router

While roaming charges tend to be high (€2 or $3 per MB), there are prepaid SIM cards in most countries. One of these will usually set you back a mere €10 and offers from 1 GB and up of data transfer. This is usually enough for at least a few days of use. But instead of putting it in your phone and using its hotspot feature, and not being able to keep your home phone, buy a portable WiFi router. These come with built-in battery which lasts up to five hours and provide a local WLAN network which up to five devices can connect to.

How to write a cover letter that works

In my role as recruiter at NodeOne (a company that grew organically to 70) I've looked at several hundred applications over the years. As someone who does this professionally you quickly develop a preference for how a résumé and cover letter should be structured and written. Both are important but for different reasons, and tend to focus on the wrong things and not place enough emphasis on the experiences or skills relevant for the position.


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