customer relationships marketing

The importance of acting on opportunities to make your customers smile

The gratifying experience of helping others

When in Austria I was surprised at the lack of customer service in restaurants. When I asked Austrians about it, I was told that waiting tables was considered a "lowly" job, not much better than being a cleaner. I was surprised by this attitude as I consider the opportunity to help someone to be highly gratifying and prestigious.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jakob Persson and I'm an entrepreneur and consultant. I work with companies to create measurable change by focusing on users, customers, market strategy and pricing. I'm a deep and broad specialist-generalist with skills in business strategy, digital marketing, pricing, interaction and service design as well as project management and software development.

This is my personal blog where I write on topics that interest me such as design, value-based pricing, marketing and technology but also on personal interests.

I am the founder of Leancept which makes companies more competitive through value-based pricing and customer intimacy.

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