The age-old humanist divide in modern tech

My journey into interaction design and the application of technology began before I knew there was a word for it. My interest intensified when I began studying for a degree in cognitive science. For those of you not familiar with “cog sci”, it’s a fascinating multi-disciplinary field consisting of ideas from computer science, psychology, linguistics and anthropology. For me, it was a perfect fit. It was narrow in one sense, yet so full of ideas concepts to explore. Many of these ideas belong to traditions dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.

Artificial Intelligence or The Redefinition of Being Human


This paper attempts to cover and discuss a few of the social and ethical implications of artificial intelligence from a humanist point of view considering AI and its impact on humanity and our definition of ourselves as human beings.


Artificial intelligence, or the concept of non-human minds, has always been a source of dreams of the future for me. Not the actual makings of it, but the ramifications and implications of the creation and possible future existence of a mind that owes its existence to us.

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