7 tips for great days on the ski slopes

I’ve been skiing since age four. Both alpine and cross country. In a country like Sweden, it’s not as rare as it may sound. Many Swedes form an early relationship with snow. Almost every Swedish person I know can recall fond memories of brilliant days on the slopes, either skiing or as a kid, going in sleighing on their latest Christmas gift: the Stiga Snow Racer.


If you’re skiing or snowboarding, or want to try, here are some practical advice from years of doing it.

Keeping your hands warm and your phone connected on the ski slopes

My head is big. This means most hats don't fit. And adding my long hair, you need to add a size or two to that. Which is why few of the ski helmets with built-in headphones fit me, not to mention comfortably. And considering what you need to pay extra for that feature, I figured I better buy a helmet that fits my head and then modify it. Which is what I did some years back. Using some duct tape, thread and a set €15/$20 head phones I had a helmet that allowed me to listen to music on my iPod while in the ski lift.

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