The future belongs to identities, not identifiers

Technology has a way of inveigling itself into our daily lives by offering bits and piece of convenience. Despite its rapid development, technology has gained a remarkably great degree of acceptance. It has become something we are so accustomed to we almost never question the terms and conditions it puts on our coexistence. Because technology always works and plays by rules and we’re more often slaves to those rules rather than their masters.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jakob Persson and I'm an entrepreneur and consultant. I work with companies to create measurable change by focusing on users, customers, market strategy and pricing. I'm a deep and broad specialist-generalist with skills in business strategy, digital marketing, pricing, interaction and service design as well as project management and software development.

This is my personal blog where I write on topics that interest me such as design, value-based pricing, marketing and technology but also on personal interests.

I am the founder of Leancept which makes companies more competitive through value-based pricing and customer intimacy.

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