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Hello and welcome to my blog,

My name is Jakob Persson and I'm an entrepreneur and consultant. I work with companies to create measurable change by focusing on users, customers, market strategy and pricing. I am interested in almost any topic. As a result, I'm a deep and broad specialist-generalist. Over my career I've developed skills in business strategy, digital marketing, pricing, interaction and service design as well as project management and software development.

About this blog

This is my personal blog where I write on topics that interest me such as design, value-based pricing, marketing and technology but also on more personal interests. I've borrowed the blog's name from one of my favorite books by British science-fiction author, Peter F. Hamilton.

My companies

I am the founder of Leancept, a consultancy that supports agencies and independent consultants and freelancers in becoming more competitive through value-based pricing and developing stronger client relationships. Leancept also provides consulting services in the fields of UX, CX and service design.

Bondsai is my technology startup, focused on providing the knowledge and tools agencies and freelancers need to build better client relationships. If you're an agency owner or freelancer, you will want to check out the Bondsai Blog. I write regularly about ways to run a great professional service business.

Templates for phpBB

You might have found your way here through the credit links in the footers of one of my popular templates/themes for phpBB which I designed between 2001 and 2005. I no longer maintain those but you can find some information on my old archived website.

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You can write me at [email protected].

Under the hood

In case you're curious, this blog is powered by Publii, an open-source static file generator that's ridiculously easy to use. 

Jakob Persson

Your host. A founder and entrepreneur since 20 years. Having worked as a freelancer, consultant and co-founder of a successful digital agency has shaped his skills in and insights into business. Jakob blogs at, speaks at events and consults with agencies and freelancers in growing and developing their companies. He holds degrees in media technology and cognitive science.