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Why we won’t become more innovative by teaching more science, technology, math and engineering (STEM)

Ask any politician or influential business person about their vision for the economy and chances are they will tout the value of entrepreneurship and innovation. It’s a bland and safe answer that will resonate with a lot of people. It’s also true to some extent. Creative thinking coupled with the ability to act and implement can lead to successful businesses. Problem is, very few understand where this innovative power comes from and far too many believe STEM subject teaching is the only important factor.

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The true cost of poor customer service

I tend to write a lot about customer service and how (poorly) companies handle customer dissatisfaction because it’s such a source of success and failure. Customer experience is something I try to excel at as a business owner. Unfortunately, not every business shares my priorities, as this case shows.

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The future belongs to identities, not identifiers

For a very long time, the quintessential sign that someone had more than a cursory interest in you at a bar was their act of sharing their phone number. Books have been written on how to get a date and the “number” is a linchpin step in most of them. However modern technology may soon make that obsolete as the use of identifiers is replaced by referencing someone as who they are.

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