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Predictions of technology that will change our lives

I love science fiction. I sometimes wish I was born in the future because I believe the most interesting times are yet to come. Still, within our life time we will see remarkable changes. Here are some of my predictions of technology that will make it into the mainstream in the coming decades, and with it bring massive change.

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DrupalCamp Stockholm or, wow, what a camp!

I'm still reeling and recovering from the massive effort it took to organize the greatest DrupalCamp Sweden has ever seen. Everyone had a blast and we couldn't have hoped for a better turnout when the fifth DrupalCamp in Stockholm took place on Friday.

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DrupalCon Portland Sessions

In May it's time for DrupalCon to come to Portland, Oregon. For this DrupalCon I've submitted sessions on project management, estimation, knowledge management, UX and business development. Here's a summary of each session and what you can do to help it get selected for the conference.

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Recently a good friend of mine retold to me an old Zen story that reminds us of the importance of not getting stuck in the moment and remembering that every cloud has a silver lining and that everything isn't what it seems.

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