Why schools need to develop a growth mindset in students

Something that caused quite a bit of a stir a while ago was the revelation that Sweden had dropped considerably in OECD’s international PISA school rankings. Politicians were eager to get media attention, pointing fingers at the opposition for this and that, turning it into yet another left versus right blame game. A common theme was a call for more order and a more strict school. I think the explanation is not whether teachers need to seen as authoritarian figures but rather as to whether they help students believe in themselves.

The age-old humanist divide in modern tech

My journey into interaction design and the application of technology began before I knew there was a word for it. My interest intensified when I began studying for a degree in cognitive science. For those of you not familiar with “cog sci”, it’s a fascinating multi-disciplinary field consisting of ideas from computer science, psychology, linguistics and anthropology. For me, it was a perfect fit. It was narrow in one sense, yet so full of ideas concepts to explore. Many of these ideas belong to traditions dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.

Confessions of a reformed project estimator

Some five years ago, I made the decision to try and overcome some of my fears. One of them had to do with presenting. Perhaps “fear” wouldn’t be the right word, discomfort, is a more fitting description. It was something I wanted to address as I thought presenting could be a lot of fun if I could just figure out how to feel comfortable on the stage. This led to me to make several presentations on estimating web projects. The reasons I chose estimation had to do with our company and where we were at the time.

7 tips for great days on the ski slopes

I’ve been skiing since age four. Both alpine and cross country. In a country like Sweden, it’s not as rare as it may sound. Many Swedes form an early relationship with snow. Almost every Swedish person I know can recall fond memories of brilliant days on the slopes, either skiing or as a kid, going in sleighing on their latest Christmas gift: the Stiga Snow Racer.


If you’re skiing or snowboarding, or want to try, here are some practical advice from years of doing it.

Zebra striping based on cell contents in Google Spreadsheets

If you're like me and love the power of spreadsheets but don't miss Excel one bit, this new feature has been a welcome addition. Truth to be told, it should have been added years ago. But it's here now so let's see what we can use it for.

What conditional formatting is

With conditional formatting, a cell's appearance can reflect its contents. In the past, Google spreadsheets could be used to format cells based on whether a cell's value was higher or lower than what was specified, equal, empty et c. With formulas, this feature becomes considerably more powerful.


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